Temple Emanuel Religious School

We began this year with 16 students.  In December one student –Jonathan Woolen left our school- at that same time Leah Sosnik joined us, so we finished the year also with 16 students.

We had two students celebrate their bat mitzvah this year– Katish in January and Meredith in February.

I feel that my mandate has always been, but especially with a school this small, to introduce and reinforce for our students the rhythm of Jewish life through holiday celebrations.  So what you will see in this short 7 minute video are the holidays that we celebrated in school this year.

A year like this does not happen because of one person.  It happens because of a supportive community of parents who bring snack and are willing to pitch in whenever I ask for props or dough or just “watch these kids for a minute—I need a pit stop”.

It happens because parents  bring our students to school almost everySunday ready to learn and participate in whatever we have planned.

It happens because of Samantha, Mark and Hannah who worked alongside me this year to make sure that the students were learning age appropriate material that enhanced their understanding of what being Jewish means for all of us—big and small.

It happens because students want to learn and want to spend a weekend with me in January.

It happens because of families like theSussmans who have been such an amazing integral part of our Religious school for the past 9 year.  We will miss you.

I have now completed 10 years withthis community and it is my pleasure at this time to introduceto you Hannah Kaunitz.

She has worked with me for the past 10 years in other schools in the greater Charlotte area.  I have seen her in action and I can tell you that she gives 110% wherever she is.  She is an amazing teacher and I am thrilled that she will be joining our staff next year and will be working with me to provide the best religious school experience for all of our students.  She comes with more than 20 years’ experience as Judaic educator and also has a strong background in working with students with special needs.

Please join me in welcoming Hannah and I think you can expect great things from the two of us next year.